Testing the Trend: Shoe Clips

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love shoes. My want for new shoes is never-ending, and I am constantly on the hunt for a fresh pair to help dress up my outfits. Anyone who knows me also knows that I don’t hold back on costs when it comes to shoes, which means that with every new shoebox in my closet, my wallet takes a serious hit. And those hits are haaard (I can basically hear my bank account screaming). I knew I had to find a new way to keep my shoes looking new, fresh, and on-trend, without having to break the bank every time I wanted to change things up.

All thanks to a shipment received at my local ALDO Shoes, I’ve finally uncovered the perfect solution to my dilemma: shoe clips.

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You can find these lovely clips here

Shoe clips are a cost-effective way to revamp your favourite shoes. While I like to add mine to my more simple pairs of shoes, they also look great with printed or detailed shoes. This revolutionary (seriously, I mean that) invention comes in an abundance of varieties, from bold, trend-setting pom-poms to stunningly bejewelled pieces.

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Shop these cool shoe pompoms by clicking here

ALDO Shoes have introduced several other styles (including some other cool shoe-friendly accessories, like these patches), and I can only hope that other retailers start to introduce their own shoe-clip designs, which would allow for so much more variety. In the meantime, shop these other styles below and let me know if you’d ever use these cool accessories to freshen up your looks!! xoxo

SC0080-EMER-2Absolutely Audrey, $18.99

SB108Shoelery by Erica Giuliani, $29.99

abesen_white-cream_73_main_sq_gy_1600x1600.jpg ALDO Shoes, $25 $8.49


Colour Crush: Light Pink

Colour Crush: Light Pink-1
This colour even makes drinks that much more enjoyable!

Light pink. Blush. Dusty rose. Whatever you call it, this soft, feminine hue is a major one this season, and it’s not hard to see why. This pretty pink tone is neutral enough to match with most colours, yet is bright enough to liven up a simple, monochrome outfit.

Colour Crush: Light Pink-2
See how this pink coat from RW&CO brightens up this outfit?

Stores are releasing everything in this colour. From your hair accessories down to your shoes, this colour is one of the easiest to spot while browsing clothing options this time around. One of my latest light pink purchases are the beautiful Lalisa heels from ALDO, which feature a comfortable heel and the most adorable tuft of soft faux fur along the toe strap. These beauties look like they came straight out of an episode of Scream Queens, which makes them thaaat much better in my books (have you seen what the Chanel’s wear?! I’d do anything for a wardrobe that outrageous).

Colour Crush: Light Pink-3
All of these lovelies are from ALDO! Shop them by clicking the following links: satin platform pumps, bow-detailed sandals, faux-fur heels.

I’ve been so in love with this colour that I’ve even started to incorporate it into my home décor! Thanks to the popularity of this beautiful colour, I am constantly surrounded by this pretty soft tone every time I lay on one of my pink faux fur pillows, or look down at my hands and see the nails I just got done today (huge thanks to Vanessa Lopez Nail Design for beautifying these bad boys for me)!

Colour Crush: Light Pink-4
Check out her Facebook page here to see more of her amazing nails!

Overall, this colour is definitely one of my favourites for this season. As someone who typically wears black or white and nothing else, this colour has been extremely easy to incorporate into my wardrobe, and has managed to keep my looks edgy all while incorporating a delicate, feminine touch, and I absolutely love it.

Colour Crush: Light Pink-6
Wore this beautiful satin piece from Boohoo.com during my trip to Jamaica! You can find this piece by clicking right here.

What are your thoughts on this light pink colour? What is your top colour choice for this season? Let me know in the comments below!! xxx

Testing the Trend: Hot Tropics

Even before spending a week in the most beautiful Jamaican paradise, I was drawn to the bright, summery prints that were beginning to fill the stores. Lush green palm leaves,  friendly flamingos, bright yellow pineapples, you name it: bold, tropic-inspired imagery is having a serious moment in the fashion world, and I am super excited about it.

I’ve slowly started incorporating this fun, season-appropriate trend in many areas of my life, from home decor to my clothing and accessories. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these leaf-print scrappy sandals (which are extremely comfortable on top of it), and decided I needed to get the matching leaf earrings to go with them.


There are also these super adorable open-toe, platform heels that come in the same print (although they only come in solid green online for now, but you can check out your nearest ALDO store and order the printed ones!), and despite the same images covering both shoes, they each give off a very different appeal, which is what I love so much about this fun, yet versatile print.


So far this season, I’ve also managed to snag lots of cute flamingo items, including a button-up from Old Navy, as well as some glasses and a serving tray from President’s Choice (no available links yet, but I’ll add some if these items are added online).

All in all, this trend has me very excited for summer and I can’t wait to incorporate these vacay-vibes into my wardrobe. To help keep you guys (and myself, of course), inspired for this season, I’ve included links below so you can shop some of my favourite tropic-inspired styles!!

What do you guys think of this season’s tropical trend? Will you be wearing some of these statement pieces this summer? Let me know in the comment section below! xx

_11821393Soludos, $92.58

_13428037 Valentino, $5202.821554201030_1_1_1 Zara, $139.002590786250_1_1_1 Zara, $69.99cn13329690 Old Navy, $40.00

Ya mon! The Fashion Adventures of a Canadian Blogger in the Caribbean

Before I get into this awesome piece, I want to apologize for the severe lack of posts. I’m pretty sure not posting for over a month makes me one of the worst bloggers ever, so pleaseee give me one more chance. I swear I’ll make it up to you (or at least try to). This past month and a half has been extremely hectic and things are just finally settling down. On April 1st, me and my boyfriend Niko moved into our first apartment, which is unfortunately still a work in progress (I tried hiding the remaining unpacked boxes under the stairs in hopes they’d disappear, but to my dismay they’re still sitting there, waiting to be sorted through. What a shame).

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All the hard work paid off! This chair and ottoman/bench set from Walmart matched my Garance Doré art prints perfectly.

With the task of moving and unpacking my belongings taking up most of my waking, non-working hours, doing anything else seemed pretty daunting. Despite this, I had recently found out that I was one of the lucky few to win the trip of a lifetime to the beautiful destination of Lucea, Jamaica. This trip was gifted by the company I work for to the top 1% of their performers worldwide. How I got selected to be amongst such an amazing group of people is beyond me, but I am so thankful regardless. Upon receiving notification of my very unexpected win, I rushed to get a passport and clothes appropriate for warmer weather. Being a slightly intimidating, all-black-wearing northerner, the words bikini or flip-flop rolled off my tongue like some sort of strange, foreign language, and I was definitely not prepared to be visiting a country with a much different climate than I’m used to.

Being the person that I am, I wanted to make sure that the clothes I purchased for my trip would leave me comfortable, stylish, and not completely broke. My first trip was to Winners, where I managed to score two adorable bathing suits. Having not worn any swimwear in nearly three years, bathing suits seemed like a very abstract concept to me, and I had no idea what would flatter my body. I knew I would get some colour and didn’t want funky tan lines, so a two-piece was a must. Fortunately, I found this adorable light turquoise bikini for under $15, so purchasing it was a no-brainer. The whole bikini cost me less than the adorable ALDO sunglasses seen in the photo below (which you can snag here for only $16!).

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Getting your entire body photographed in a bikini for the first time in years is significantly less intimidating when you have a one-clawed crab friend by your side (or in your hand).

Next, I found another adorable bathing suit at Winners, only this time it was a one-piece, and despite the awkward tan-lines it would give me, I was much more comfortable with the silhouette. Plus, the overall shape of this piece was much more flattering, and hugged my body in all the right places, giving me lovely curves I didn’t know I could have. Unfortunately for me and my limited-time-offer curves, this bathing suit never made it out of my suitcase, simply out of fear of the dreadedly obvious one-piece bathing suit tan, which would have made me much more uncomfortable than showing off a little skin.

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The beautiful one piece swimsuit that unfortunately stayed tucked away in my luggage for a week.

After finally finding some bathing suits that I was comfortable with wearing, I needed cute clothes for our nights out at the various bars. The resort was extremely nice, and the trip was being provided via the fashion brand I work for, so I knew I wanted to look as good as possible despite the sticky, caribbean heat. My first stop was Zara, where I found the most beautiful yellow dress online. I’ve had sizing issues with Zara in the past, so I was naturally skeptical about ordering the dress off of their website, but when I spotted it live in the flesh in a store in Montréal, I knew I had to have it. The bright colour of the dress was perfect for a night of Dirty Banana’s, Blue Hawaii’s and Piña Colada’s, and despite the longer frilled sleeves, was it surprisingly breathable and comfortable in the warmer weather. The sleeve detailing was definitely an eye-catching part of the garment, but the remaining body of the dress was very simple, so I paired it with these multi-coloured floral chandelier earrings to really pack a punch. Overall, this look was crisp and clean but still trendy and bold, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve throughout the trip.

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Wearing colour for once?!

The second evening outfit I picked out was from Boohoo. Ordering from a website overseas always presents a little bit of a risk, especially when the company doesn’t offer an in-store shopping experience, but my previous experience with Boohoo.com was quite positive, so I made sure to snag some cute pieces during one of their awesome 50% off sales. This pink satin number was so dreamy. It hugged my curves exactly where I wanted it to, and the gathering of fabric at my waist accentuated this. It had a certain sex-appeal, yet held a classic, sophisticated feel to it. I wore this dress on the last night of the trip during an emotional but beautiful beach barbecue/bonfire, and the way the light of the bonfire shined upon the satin made me honestly feel on top of the world.

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Keeping it sleek but sexy in this ultra-feminine satin dress.

Of course, I had to save my favourite look for last.

The first two days of the trip took place in Montréal, and our second day there consisted of a ceremony to celebrate our win, with a cocktail hour following the ceremony. This all took place at the head office of the company, and the cocktail hour was my chance to meet the creator and CEO of the brand, as well as network with other head office staff, so I knew this was a huge deal. I needed to look the part, and I knew it wouldn’t be comfortable unless I was I wore something I deemed to be a statement piece, so back to Boohoo I went.

Once again, I waited for them to have one of their usual sales, and purchased this incredible black midi dress with white-trimmed, flared sleeves. The material was thick yet light, and fit me like a glove. It shaped my body in a way that no other piece of clothing has before, and for once I felt truly beautiful. This dress embodied me and my style, from the monochromatic colour-palette (or lack, thereof) to the bold, statement making sleeves. I wanted a dress that would stand out, yet wouldn’t wear me. I wanted a dress that showed who I was and what my style was all about, and this was it. This is by far my favourite dress, and I am so thankful to have come across it. I styled it with these elegant but edgy white, pointed-toe, lucite-heeled slingback pumps, this simple white minibag, and these jaw-dropping silver chandelier earrings. Overall, this look was chic and undeniably me, which made it that much better.

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Overall, this trip was one for the books. I will never forget the people I was fortunate enough experience it with, nor will I lose all of the incredible memories I made there. The outfits were an extremely important part of this trip for me, but nothing can or will ever beat the feeling of actually being there and having the opportunity to experience such an incredible achievement.

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What look was your favourite? What are your favourite tropical vacation go-tos? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!! xoxo

Cold Weather & A Photoshoot

The weather up here in the North was finally looking up. The frigid temperatures were slowly rising, and it looked like a mild spring was upon us. For this reason, me and Emily of Emily Drouin Photography thought today would be a good day to do a photoshoot. But we were wrong. Very wrong.

Unfortunately for us, the temperatures dropped and winds increased over the last week, and the weather today sat at a lovely -20°C with the wind. Fashion, however, does not care about the weather, and for the sake of documenting a cute outfit, we braved the cold anyways.

Man, am I ever glad we did, because the pictures turned out amazing!


This was my first time doing an actual photoshoot, so naturally I felt very nervous about the whole thing. Thankfully the photos don’t capture my fear and awkwardness and instead show off the beautiful pieces put together to create this look!


These beautiful patent faux-leather booties by Calvin Klein that I scored at Winners are easily one of my favourite pairs of booties I purchased this season, so they were a must for this shoot. I chose to pair them with an all black outfit, consisting of a black turtleneck from Zara and my favourite modern stretch leggings from RW&Co.

img_7845To finish off this simple look, I added a houndstooth scarf (which is actually an old belt that I repurposed) and the cutest pink faux-fur bag from ALDO Shoes.



Despite the cold, I am so beyond thrilled that we decided to follow through with the shoot. The outfit was captured so nicely, and I feel so excited to share these awesome non-Iphone photos with you all!! I think these are proof that even when you feel like you’re about to turn into a giant human popsicle and freeze on the spot, there’s always a way to keep on trend.


What do you guys think of the shoot, and what is your go-to cold weather style?! Let me know in the comment section below xox


Caving Into the Trend: Sneakers

Among my close friends and family members, I am notorious for being overdressed. From head to toe, I feel most comfortable when I’m dressed up with my hair done and a complete makeup look. When it comes to shoes, the same rule applies: I am happy to sacrifice a tad of my  comfort (and let’s get real, a little dignity) if it means getting to wear a cute pair of shoes.

For this reason, I have been extremely skeptical about the whole sneaker trend. I always admired girls who seemed to pull them off so effortlessly. Whether they matched them with a pair of jeans and a tee or a cute summer dress, these wizard women somehow managed to do what was impossible for me, which was to look cute while being completely and utterly comfortable.

I had tried on sneakers before, but they always seemed much too casual to wear with any of my clothing. That is, until I saw these babies at ALDO.

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When it comes to adding new pieces to my wardrobe, I almost always gravitate towards the black version. It is universally flattering and gives off an allure that I don’t think is comparable with other colours. When it came to these sneakers, however, I was drawn to the white. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that spring is just around the corner, but the bright white version of this shoe simply stood out to me.

I had to try them on. And when I did, I was officially hooked.


They fit like a glove, and a glove made of rainbows and fluffy clouds and happiness. They were easily the most comfortable shoes I’d tried on. And on top of that, they looked absolutely adorable. They somehow worked with most of my clothes. They looked good with my jeans, but also with my dresses, and my shorts, and my light pink trench coat, and basically 90% of the clothing in my closet.

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I may be very veryyy late to this sneaker party, but it is safe to say that these are my favourite shoes so far this season. It’s still early in the spring world of fashion, and I know I’ll probably move onto something new by next week, but for the time being these sneakers are the perfect combination of fashion and function. And after finally getting the best of both worlds, I think it’ll be very hard to ever compromise on comfort again.

What do you guys think? Would you ditch your favourite heels for a cute, comfortable pair of flats? Or are you sticking to those sky-high beauties? Comment your thoughts on this (pretty amazing, tbh) sneaker trend below! xoxo

First Blog Post & Family Day Look

The day is finally here!!

After what has felt like an eternity, I’m so excited to finally get to share this with you all. I’ve received an outpouring of support since I first revealed that I would be creating a blog, and it is honestly such a surreal feeling. Before I get into the whole reason you’re here (which is of courseee to read about my outfits because you all love them so much – wink wink), I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who’s helped me get to this point, as well as all of  you readers who are making this a reality for me! I’m feeling so grateful and full of love.

Now that the mushy part is over, it’s time for the fun stuff.

The winters here in Northern Ontario are definitely a tough time of year. With large amounts of snow and extremely cold temperatures, doing basic day to day tasks can become a challenge, which is why I’m convinced the government gave us a holiday, referred to as Family Day, to let us catch a bit of a break.

This year, we’ve been quite fortunate and have had a pretty mild winter. Since it’s been warm, I intended on spending my Family Day outside with my boyfriend. Except that didn’t happen. Because instead of having normal Canadian winter weather, we got rain. And I really hate rain. BUT the one plus to all of this? I had just recently purchased the most adorable umbrella and matching shoes, and had yet to actually take them out onto the streets. How convenient.

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This adorable matching umbrella and high heel set, which I picked up from my local ALDO Shoes, are adorned with the cutest lip/kiss print. I’ve been pretty hooked on this print since I purchased a pair of earrings sporting the kiss this past fall, so picking up these new spring releases was a no-brainer. The pattern is bold and fun yet simple enough to pair with a lot of outfits, and are surprisingly versatile.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

As a fan of shorter and chunkier heels, I was pretty hesitant about the 4.25 inch stiletto on these badboys, but I’m so glad I gave them the benefit of the doubt. They fit like a glove, are comfortable, and I somehow manage to not look like a baby giraffe learning to walk while wearing them, which is always a plus. These are definitely my new favourite shoes and they make me extremely excited to see what the new SS17 retail collections will bring out.

I paired these beauties with my favourite pair of ripped skinnies from American Eagle, a light pink cami I picked up last year from RW&Co, and this beautiful navy blue coat that I scored at H&M a few years back for $5 (not even kidding)!!!

This outfit was the perfect way to brighten up what was looking to be a gloomy day, and although the photoshoot to get these images didn’t last long as a result of an increasing downpour ruining pretty much everything, I’m glad it held off just long enough to snap these for my first post!!

SOO, I hope you all enjoyed my first post, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you all tune in for the next one. As this is a new venture for me, I am extremely open to ideas, so feel free to comment below with any suggestions of what you guys would like to see in future posts! Thank you all xoxo

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