Cold Weather & A Photoshoot

The weather up here in the North was finally looking up. The frigid temperatures were slowly rising, and it looked like a mild spring was upon us. For this reason, me and Emily of Emily Drouin Photography thought today would be a good day to do a photoshoot. But we were wrong. Very wrong.

Unfortunately for us, the temperatures dropped and winds increased over the last week, and the weather today sat at a lovely -20°C with the wind. Fashion, however, does not care about the weather, and for the sake of documenting a cute outfit, we braved the cold anyways.

Man, am I ever glad we did, because the pictures turned out amazing!


This was my first time doing an actual photoshoot, so naturally I felt very nervous about the whole thing. Thankfully the photos don’t capture my fear and awkwardness and instead show off the beautiful pieces put together to create this look!


These beautiful patent faux-leather booties by Calvin Klein that I scored at Winners are easily one of my favourite pairs of booties I purchased this season, so they were a must for this shoot. I chose to pair them with an all black outfit, consisting of a black turtleneck from Zara and my favourite modern stretch leggings from RW&Co.

img_7845To finish off this simple look, I added a houndstooth scarf (which is actually an old belt that I repurposed) and the cutest pink faux-fur bag from ALDO Shoes.



Despite the cold, I am so beyond thrilled that we decided to follow through with the shoot. The outfit was captured so nicely, and I feel so excited to share these awesome non-Iphone photos with you all!! I think these are proof that even when you feel like you’re about to turn into a giant human popsicle and freeze on the spot, there’s always a way to keep on trend.


What do you guys think of the shoot, and what is your go-to cold weather style?! Let me know in the comment section below xox


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