Ya mon! The Fashion Adventures of a Canadian Blogger in the Caribbean

Before I get into this awesome piece, I want to apologize for the severe lack of posts. I’m pretty sure not posting for over a month makes me one of the worst bloggers ever, so pleaseee give me one more chance. I swear I’ll make it up to you (or at least try to). This past month and a half has been extremely hectic and things are just finally settling down. On April 1st, me and my boyfriend Niko moved into our first apartment, which is unfortunately still a work in progress (I tried hiding the remaining unpacked boxes under the stairs in hopes they’d disappear, but to my dismay they’re still sitting there, waiting to be sorted through. What a shame).

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All the hard work paid off! This chair and ottoman/bench set from Walmart matched my Garance Doré art prints perfectly.

With the task of moving and unpacking my belongings taking up most of my waking, non-working hours, doing anything else seemed pretty daunting. Despite this, I had recently found out that I was one of the lucky few to win the trip of a lifetime to the beautiful destination of Lucea, Jamaica. This trip was gifted by the company I work for to the top 1% of their performers worldwide. How I got selected to be amongst such an amazing group of people is beyond me, but I am so thankful regardless. Upon receiving notification of my very unexpected win, I rushed to get a passport and clothes appropriate for warmer weather. Being a slightly intimidating, all-black-wearing northerner, the words bikini or flip-flop rolled off my tongue like some sort of strange, foreign language, and I was definitely not prepared to be visiting a country with a much different climate than I’m used to.

Being the person that I am, I wanted to make sure that the clothes I purchased for my trip would leave me comfortable, stylish, and not completely broke. My first trip was to Winners, where I managed to score two adorable bathing suits. Having not worn any swimwear in nearly three years, bathing suits seemed like a very abstract concept to me, and I had no idea what would flatter my body. I knew I would get some colour and didn’t want funky tan lines, so a two-piece was a must. Fortunately, I found this adorable light turquoise bikini for under $15, so purchasing it was a no-brainer. The whole bikini cost me less than the adorable ALDO sunglasses seen in the photo below (which you can snag here for only $16!).

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Getting your entire body photographed in a bikini for the first time in years is significantly less intimidating when you have a one-clawed crab friend by your side (or in your hand).

Next, I found another adorable bathing suit at Winners, only this time it was a one-piece, and despite the awkward tan-lines it would give me, I was much more comfortable with the silhouette. Plus, the overall shape of this piece was much more flattering, and hugged my body in all the right places, giving me lovely curves I didn’t know I could have. Unfortunately for me and my limited-time-offer curves, this bathing suit never made it out of my suitcase, simply out of fear of the dreadedly obvious one-piece bathing suit tan, which would have made me much more uncomfortable than showing off a little skin.

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The beautiful one piece swimsuit that unfortunately stayed tucked away in my luggage for a week.

After finally finding some bathing suits that I was comfortable with wearing, I needed cute clothes for our nights out at the various bars. The resort was extremely nice, and the trip was being provided via the fashion brand I work for, so I knew I wanted to look as good as possible despite the sticky, caribbean heat. My first stop was Zara, where I found the most beautiful yellow dress online. I’ve had sizing issues with Zara in the past, so I was naturally skeptical about ordering the dress off of their website, but when I spotted it live in the flesh in a store in Montréal, I knew I had to have it. The bright colour of the dress was perfect for a night of Dirty Banana’s, Blue Hawaii’s and Piña Colada’s, and despite the longer frilled sleeves, was it surprisingly breathable and comfortable in the warmer weather. The sleeve detailing was definitely an eye-catching part of the garment, but the remaining body of the dress was very simple, so I paired it with these multi-coloured floral chandelier earrings to really pack a punch. Overall, this look was crisp and clean but still trendy and bold, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve throughout the trip.

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Wearing colour for once?!

The second evening outfit I picked out was from Boohoo. Ordering from a website overseas always presents a little bit of a risk, especially when the company doesn’t offer an in-store shopping experience, but my previous experience with Boohoo.com was quite positive, so I made sure to snag some cute pieces during one of their awesome 50% off sales. This pink satin number was so dreamy. It hugged my curves exactly where I wanted it to, and the gathering of fabric at my waist accentuated this. It had a certain sex-appeal, yet held a classic, sophisticated feel to it. I wore this dress on the last night of the trip during an emotional but beautiful beach barbecue/bonfire, and the way the light of the bonfire shined upon the satin made me honestly feel on top of the world.

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Keeping it sleek but sexy in this ultra-feminine satin dress.

Of course, I had to save my favourite look for last.

The first two days of the trip took place in Montréal, and our second day there consisted of a ceremony to celebrate our win, with a cocktail hour following the ceremony. This all took place at the head office of the company, and the cocktail hour was my chance to meet the creator and CEO of the brand, as well as network with other head office staff, so I knew this was a huge deal. I needed to look the part, and I knew it wouldn’t be comfortable unless I was I wore something I deemed to be a statement piece, so back to Boohoo I went.

Once again, I waited for them to have one of their usual sales, and purchased this incredible black midi dress with white-trimmed, flared sleeves. The material was thick yet light, and fit me like a glove. It shaped my body in a way that no other piece of clothing has before, and for once I felt truly beautiful. This dress embodied me and my style, from the monochromatic colour-palette (or lack, thereof) to the bold, statement making sleeves. I wanted a dress that would stand out, yet wouldn’t wear me. I wanted a dress that showed who I was and what my style was all about, and this was it. This is by far my favourite dress, and I am so thankful to have come across it. I styled it with these elegant but edgy white, pointed-toe, lucite-heeled slingback pumps, this simple white minibag, and these jaw-dropping silver chandelier earrings. Overall, this look was chic and undeniably me, which made it that much better.

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Overall, this trip was one for the books. I will never forget the people I was fortunate enough experience it with, nor will I lose all of the incredible memories I made there. The outfits were an extremely important part of this trip for me, but nothing can or will ever beat the feeling of actually being there and having the opportunity to experience such an incredible achievement.

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What look was your favourite? What are your favourite tropical vacation go-tos? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!! xoxo

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