Testing the Trend: Hot Tropics

Even before spending a week in the most beautiful Jamaican paradise, I was drawn to the bright, summery prints that were beginning to fill the stores. Lush green palm leaves,  friendly flamingos, bright yellow pineapples, you name it: bold, tropic-inspired imagery is having a serious moment in the fashion world, and I am super excited about it.

I’ve slowly started incorporating this fun, season-appropriate trend in many areas of my life, from home decor to my clothing and accessories. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these leaf-print scrappy sandals (which are extremely comfortable on top of it), and decided I needed to get the matching leaf earrings to go with them.


There are also these super adorable open-toe, platform heels that come in the same print (although they only come in solid green online for now, but you can check out your nearest ALDO store and order the printed ones!), and despite the same images covering both shoes, they each give off a very different appeal, which is what I love so much about this fun, yet versatile print.


So far this season, I’ve also managed to snag lots of cute flamingo items, including a button-up from Old Navy, as well as some glasses and a serving tray from President’s Choice (no available links yet, but I’ll add some if these items are added online).

All in all, this trend has me very excited for summer and I can’t wait to incorporate these vacay-vibes into my wardrobe. To help keep you guys (and myself, of course), inspired for this season, I’ve included links below so you can shop some of my favourite tropic-inspired styles!!

What do you guys think of this season’s tropical trend? Will you be wearing some of these statement pieces this summer? Let me know in the comment section below! xx

_11821393Soludos, $92.58

_13428037 Valentino, $5202.821554201030_1_1_1 Zara, $139.002590786250_1_1_1 Zara, $69.99cn13329690 Old Navy, $40.00

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