Testing the Trend: Shoe Clips

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love shoes. My want for new shoes is never-ending, and I am constantly on the hunt for a fresh pair to help dress up my outfits. Anyone who knows me also knows that I don’t hold back on costs when it comes to shoes, which means that with every new shoebox in my closet, my wallet takes a serious hit. And those hits are haaard (I can basically hear my bank account screaming). I knew I had to find a new way to keep my shoes looking new, fresh, and on-trend, without having to break the bank every time I wanted to change things up.

All thanks to a shipment received at my local ALDO Shoes, I’ve finally uncovered the perfect solution to my dilemma: shoe clips.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
You can find these lovely clips here

Shoe clips are a cost-effective way to revamp your favourite shoes. While I like to add mine to my more simple pairs of shoes, they also look great with printed or detailed shoes. This revolutionary (seriously, I mean that) invention comes in an abundance of varieties, from bold, trend-setting pom-poms to stunningly bejewelled pieces.

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Shop these cool shoe pompoms by clicking here

ALDO Shoes have introduced several other styles (including some other cool shoe-friendly accessories, like these patches), and I can only hope that other retailers start to introduce their own shoe-clip designs, which would allow for so much more variety. In the meantime, shop these other styles below and let me know if you’d ever use these cool accessories to freshen up your looks!! xoxo

SC0080-EMER-2Absolutely Audrey, $18.99

SB108Shoelery by Erica Giuliani, $29.99

abesen_white-cream_73_main_sq_gy_1600x1600.jpg ALDO Shoes, $25 $8.49


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