Colour Crush: Light Pink

Colour Crush: Light Pink-1
This colour even makes drinks that much more enjoyable!

Light pink. Blush. Dusty rose. Whatever you call it, this soft, feminine hue is a major one this season, and it’s not hard to see why. This pretty pink tone is neutral enough to match with most colours, yet is bright enough to liven up a simple, monochrome outfit.

Colour Crush: Light Pink-2
See how this pink coat from RW&CO brightens up this outfit?

Stores are releasing everything in this colour. From your hair accessories down to your shoes, this colour is one of the easiest to spot while browsing clothing options this time around. One of my latest light pink purchases are the beautiful Lalisa heels from ALDO, which feature a comfortable heel and the most adorable tuft of soft faux fur along the toe strap. These beauties look like they came straight out of an episode of Scream Queens, which makes them thaaat much better in my books (have you seen what the Chanel’s wear?! I’d do anything for a wardrobe that outrageous).

Colour Crush: Light Pink-3
All of these lovelies are from ALDO! Shop them by clicking the following links: satin platform pumps, bow-detailed sandals, faux-fur heels.

I’ve been so in love with this colour that I’ve even started to incorporate it into my home décor! Thanks to the popularity of this beautiful colour, I am constantly surrounded by this pretty soft tone every time I lay on one of my pink faux fur pillows, or look down at my hands and see the nails I just got done today (huge thanks to Vanessa Lopez Nail Design for beautifying these bad boys for me)!

Colour Crush: Light Pink-4
Check out her Facebook page here to see more of her amazing nails!

Overall, this colour is definitely one of my favourites for this season. As someone who typically wears black or white and nothing else, this colour has been extremely easy to incorporate into my wardrobe, and has managed to keep my looks edgy all while incorporating a delicate, feminine touch, and I absolutely love it.

Colour Crush: Light Pink-6
Wore this beautiful satin piece from during my trip to Jamaica! You can find this piece by clicking right here.

What are your thoughts on this light pink colour? What is your top colour choice for this season? Let me know in the comments below!! xxx